Girls Events


Julie’s passion is putting on events for teen girls. In addition to the Aurora Conference, she does topic-driven concerts which can be catered to YOUR event, whether it is an all day conference, evening event or during youth group. The basic format is as follows:

What You Get:

Julie will do a 70-75 minute concert featuring worship, interaction (a skit that is sent to you ahead of time), original music and a brief talk on a specific topic. All students will receive a 16-page color booklet that goes into more detail about the topics from a Biblical perspective. Meet and greet time either before or after the concert with the students is included (such as hang out time at the church, ice cream, pizza, etc.)

Current Topics (Click on the Titles to view the PDF content):

The Reality of Rejection: We all feel rejected at some point in life. But rejection is fleeting; it is not a life sentence. Our attitudes toward rejection can allow us to wallow in self-pity and despair- or inspire us to excel in ways we never dreamed of.

The Power of the Tongue: Choosing what we say is a huge responsibility. Words may be forgiven but aren’t forgotten. Yet in the same way that a careless word can cause massive destruction, a kind one can build someone up or change their entire outlook.

The Value in our Choices: Every choice we make has a consequence, good or bad. We must recognize the influences behind our decisions and if the risks are truly worth the reward. HOW we make decisions can be the catalyst in making choices of value.

Beauty: Real or Fake?: We are constantly surrounded by people, society and media telling us what it means to be beautiful. But this beauty is often posed, always changing and nearly unobtainable. God’s definition of beauty on the other hand is totally different than what society says.

To get more information or to inquire about booking an event, please contact us here.