New Artist Julie Elias Tapped As Soloist In Ruth Graham Musical




Dallas, Texas (Nov. 18, 2011) - Singer/songwriter Julie Elias recently was selected as a soloist in the new musical, Fear Not Tomorrow, based on the best-selling book by Ruth Graham. Elias is featured in the musical as it tours to select venues and on the soundtrack CD.

“Fear Not Tomorrow is something I will never forget. It was my professional debut and I was blessed to have a wonderful experience with the project, truly setting a standard for things to come," Elias says.

Elias sings two songs during the musical: “Peace," which she performs with a 250-voice a cappella choir; and “Undone," the song that follows Graham's testimony during the show, an especially touching song for Elias, she says.

“We all have those seasons of feeling ‘Undone' where we are completely out of control and at our most vulnerable," Elias says. “But in those places where there are no other answers, we find the Lord's comfort and assurance. I have felt that way many times. That song resonated with so many people, and the biggest blessing to me was to have total strangers share personal stories about how that song touched their hearts."

The musical is based on Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There, the book Billy Graham's daughter wrote to detail her own voyage of discovering the tremendous assurance of trusting in God as ultimate caretaker.

Photo Caption: Photo 1 - Julie Elias performs in Fear Not Tomorrow. Photo 2 (L to R) - Elias' record producer Robert White Johnson, Ruth Graham and Elias.